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Ms. Cathy was very helpful, non-judgemental and extremely helpful with any problems I had.

This school provided very factual and enlightening information in a very comfortable atmosphere. I recommend this particular school to anyone wanting to improve their life concerning the use of alcohol.


I really learned a lot with this program and Ms. Cathy was very helpful with all the questions and answers. She cares about her students and does not judge them. Even though, I do not want to have to take this class again, I will stop by and let Ms. Cathy know how I am doing.


This class taught me a lot. The instructor, Cathy Smith, is a wonderful person and a great teacher of this program. I would recommend 1st Choice Driver over any other class. Excellent teacher and class.


This class was very stress free and not demeaning in any way. And treated with respect, thanks to our great instructor, Cathy.


Professional, informative and open. Excellent instructor.


The instructor was very knowledgeable and inserted many of her own experiences while working with the class. She did a wonderful job interacting with the class and making it interesting! If you are going through the unfortunate situation of dealing with a DUI, I would definitely suggest signing up with 1st Choice Driver Improvement Center.

Billy D.

The instructor was very professional and kind. If I had to do it all over again, I would choose 1st Choice.

Danny M.

Ms. Smith, the instructor was a wonderful person to work with. I learned a lot about high-risk choices from her. Thank you. I would recommend 1st Choice driver Improvement Center to anyone that needs to take a DUI class.

Reginald R.